I am so excited to announce that THROWAWAY GIRLS will be published with KCP Loft in spring of 2020!

It was featured in Pitch Wars 2017, and you can view the entry here!

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Trailer courtesy of GifGrrl.

First Chapter Preview:

Everything started with the body at the edge of the lake. I know that now.
But back then, all I knew was the rush and gurgle of water where the stream fed into the lake, the gentle sway of yellow irises as the wind lifted their downturned petals. And the way the body's legs bobbed in time with the lap of water against the shore, like part of the girl's spirit was still trying to run from whatever had brought her there. 
Left her there.
Hastily pulled half onto the shore.
Eyes closed. Mouth open. Full lips a watercolor blend of pink roses and the sky before a storm.
I knew what dead bodies looked like—even then. I'd been the one to find Edna Drake's body when she collapsed from a heart attack on the way to her mailbox when I was seven. At ten, I'd watched Old Henry crumple halfway to his mailbox—but that was because Mrs. Old Henry didn't appreciate him smoking all her Menthol Lights. He bled out not five feet from me, still-burning cigarette threatening to catch on the brown grass. 
By twelve I'd seen two of mom's boyfriends OD—one in our trailer, the other behind it. I left the second for her to deal with.
But this girl wasn't like the others.